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Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies

The short story collection Axiomatic by Greg Egan occupies a special place in my heart. I recommended it to Stephen B. (he sent me the recording of the Terence McKenna lecture Vertigo at History's Edge) who acquired a copy on my recommendation. I asked him how the book was treating him, and he wrote:
.....yes, I have read all but the last three stories....great summer reading.....and, like yourself, I think his writting style works better in a short story....it is oh so clear why McKenna liked his work.......One Step Beyond? HECK YEAH!!!

To which I replied:
The last story in the book is my favorite. It's called "Unstable
Orbits in the Space of Lies."

Stephen (the next day):
......whoa......having just read this story I must say that it offers a luminous glimpse into your mind and the C-REALM orbit....ever aware of the attractors and yet unwilling to completely surrender to any.....what a story!.....what a brilliant mind we have in Egan......"......metaphors mutating and hybridizing, all over again"

I'd read that whole story on the podcast if I had permission to do so.

Stephen returned with
...in a certain sense you are reading the whole story on C-REALM...the idea of an ATTRACTOR that resides in the future and is drawing everything towards it...whether those in the unstable orbits realize it or not


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Aug. 6th, 2008 06:18 pm (UTC)
Stephen: ....as a matter of fact, while I was reading Egan's ORBITS I had this lucid impression that the story was a template for C-REALM...it is a proverbial tale about ARCHETYPES and such,...the story resonates with you because you are open to such forms and confirm the subjectivity in the expression of others.....on a different layer, the story is a social critique of our culture's swarming mass of competing "Attractors" ...we do not have a common mythology but plenty of people who subscribe to various forms of tunnel vision.......IMHO
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Stephen: Great minds talk about ideas Average minds talk about events Small minds talk about people
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Stephen: Morphic fields will be shaken Cosmic plenums unfolded And realities holographically crackling Across tiime and space
Sent at 12:56 PM on Wednesday

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