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The week in review

Well, since we've past the midnight mark here on the west coast of North America, this post comes exactly one week after my last one. As I write, I'm waiting for the Planet of the Apes trailer to download. The summer holds much promise: AI, Final Fantasy, Planet of the Apes, can you tell what kind of summer movies I look forward to?

Planet of the Apes looks grand. With Tim Burton directing, it promises a visual treat. From what I've seen of the trailer so far, the apes look absolutely fantastic with the exception of the sympathetic female ape, who looks like a woman in a mask of some unspecified variety of protohuman. The male apes all look convincingly like gorillas, orangatans, and chimps. It stars Mark Wahlberg, which, for me, is a good thing.

This film spent years in development with a lot of different names attaching to and detaching from the project as it languished and gradually moved towards production. At one point the project centered around Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm glad the film didn't go to production then, but maybe Arnold's box office clout kept the project from slipping into final oblivion durring some critical period.

It looks like Tim Roth plays the film's villain. Interestingly, he looks like a chimp. The original movie series cast the gorillas in the role of the aggressive warrior class with the chimps acting as scientists and scholars and showing more compassion to humans than the brutal gorillas who hunted humans for sport. This reflected a mindset uniformed by the work of Jane Goodal, who exploded our cutesy image of chimps and revealed their penchant for pre-meditated violence, murder, and even cannibalism, and before Diane Fossy discovered that the mighty gorillas of our imaginations proved far more gentle and retiring in real life than we had previously imagined. It looks like this new film might reflect a more contemporary image of ape behavior. Of course, once you've got talking apes who ride horses and keep humans as slaves, it seems a little silly to quibble over "inaccurate" portrayals of ape behavior.

I wonder if Burton would go out on a limb and depict bonobos in the film. Maybe in the unrated directors cut.

In other news, Lara went into town tonight to go to an Amazon.com party for the customer service folks who got laid off when Amazon shipped those jobs to India and various boondock areas of the American Midwest. This caused a bit of tension in the house today, because previously we had planned to attend the 25th anniversary party for the Seattle Weekly, to which I had been invited. We did not secure a baby sitter in time for us to attend that function together, and because Lara needed a night out more than I did, my party went by the wayside in favor of hers. She drove into Seattle by herself, and I stayed home with Logan, who now lies sleeping a few feet away from me.

I drove into Seattle on Tuesday to secure some pacifying herbs for Lara to get her through her post-partum bummer. I also picked up a copy of the 3rd Farscape DVD at Suncoast while in town. When I got home, I made two mistakes. First, I fired up a serving of the herb, and second, I popped the Farscape disk into my DVD-ROM drive and settled in to watch it in the dark, alone, through headphones.

I hadn't smoked in a few weeks, so my resistance had dropped to nil. The episode, Back and Back and Back to the Future, involved Crichton coming unstuck in time and experiencing flashes of possible futures. At first, though, we don't know what's going on, and he keeps flashing on a scene in which an alien woman with unknown powers seems to be raping him. It didn't read like his moving around in time. It seemed more like a series of psychic sexual attacks. My days as a psychedelic cowboy left me far too well equipped to imagine this in frighteningly vivid detail, and I soon started to feel that familiar tingle on the skin of my arms and back. Then I felt cold. My muscles clenched and cramped, and yet I kept watching. Eventually I had the good sense to turn the show off, but by then I found myself thoroughly spooked.

Well, Lara has arrived home, so I'll continue my week in revue later.


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May. 4th, 2001 06:48 pm (UTC)
check this out
This page mentions memetics. About halfway down under "Ideas are in control." I like this guy's style. He seems to be a crazy activist out to mess it all up. cool. (plus he makes neat bumperstickers.)
May. 5th, 2001 12:01 am (UTC)
Re: check this out
Cool indeed. I wrote to the guy and encouraged him to check out LiveJournal and C-Realm.
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