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C-Realm Podcast #121: Full Faith & Credit

"C" stands for consciousness

121: Full Faith & Credit

KMO welcomes Web of Debt author Ellen Brown (ellenbrown) back to the program to discuss the role that the derivatives trade has played in bringing about the current "crisis" in the financial markets and what the US government could do if they were really interested in addressing the problem to which they are seeking a SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR tax-payer-supplied remedy. In the second half of the program, KMO offers one listener the opportunity to present his synthesis of the seemingly disparate recurring themes covered on the C-Realm Podcast.

The second half of the Ellen Brown interview can be found here:

Jonathan, the Underground Psychedelic Researcher and Psychoactive Sacramentalist, has started his own LiveJournal account: potprophet

While potprophet didn't mention it specifically, many of the ideas he expressed on the program relate to the idea of directed Panspermia:

Jeremy Narby discusses the thinking behind directed panspermia in his book The Cosmic Serpent. Jeremy Narby appears in episodes 25 and 26 of the C-Realm Podcast.

The cover art image comes from David Holmgren's Future Scenarios website:
Tags: currency, financial crisis, technological singularity
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