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I got this from a listener today:


I don't know if you remember me, I donated to your podcast a few weeks ago. I
thank you for the kindness you showed by sending a thank you card, that was
really great!

I just wanted to tell you about my first ever psychedelic experience, which I
had yesterday. I have never taken any psychedelic, excepting a mild dose of
magic mushrooms in college (which changed colors and gave me streaming vision).

Firstly to situate myself, I'm a pretty rationalist, skeptical atheist. This is
not due to any want on my part - the absence of any spirituality in my life is
actually quite a drag on me, and I often get depressed because of it.

I've been reading up on psychedelics for a while now, and read up on Salvia
Divinorum (which is readily available in this country, the UK). I advise you to
go to the http://www.sagewisdom.org/ (which I'm pretty sure you know of already)
to find out everything you need to know about it.

So, yesterday I took some Salvia Divinorum, which I smoked. I was not alone, my
flatmate was watching over me from the next room, but left me alone during the
whole experience.

I closed my curtains, sat down on the ground in the gloom, and put a dose of 10x
Salvia extract into the bong (no water), lit, inhaled and kept the smoke in for
about 20 seconds. The smoke was not hard to keep in, I found it tasted lovely,
kind of bitter yet earthy, the kind of smell you would hope to encounter on a
walk in the woods in the spring or the autumn.

It hit me pretty fast, I'd say right after exhaling. I could no longer control
my body and was forced to lie down. I started getting scared, even though I knew
this was a possible effect. Then, the universe started shifting - it felt as if
my consciousness was trying to escape from my head, diagonally (down, towards
the right).

When I closed my eyes, reality was streaming fractal, bright yellow, pink and
green (actually, I can see no other names for the colors I saw, they were
indescribable). I reopened my eyes, and could see my room (curtains and
ceiling), but it was as if there were singularities (one in my head) pulling
reality in towards them. Concentrating on the edges of things, they were
fractal, infinite repetitions of themselves, and unreal. Colors shifted, moved.

The most extraordinary thing though, was that every molecule around me, every
thing and every subset, was a consciousness, a being, and they were all talking
to me. I cannot tell whether they were a multiple of one, or each different, but
I remember they were all speaking separately, laughing at me, singing at me,
each vying for attention, until at one point they all spoke together, in one
harmonious, singing voice. I had the feeling it/they was/were hermaphrodite
bordering on the feminine. I felt at home with them, like with an old and dear
friend, but I do not remember what they said. It was something beautiful though.
At one point, I was one with them, one /of/ them, even though they remained
separate and alien. I could no longer find myself, and that scared me most of
all I think.

I slowly exit this state, the pulling on reality recedes somewhat, and the
voices dim and go out. The world is still shaky, and it's difficult to move. I'm
shaking, out of exhilaration and fear, and cannot prevent myself from laughing
at the absurdity of it all. I want to go back, see them again, hear what they
have to say...

For about an hour after that, reality is like a dream, it is as if I am in a
simulation, a cosmic joke. It was terrifying, exhilarating, beautiful, extreme,
and healing.

Now, I do not know what is real, whether other realities do exist or not, and
whether that (or those) presence(s) are real in some parallel space or just in
my head like my rational mind would lead me to believe. It has been several
hours now, and I still do not know. Nor do I know whether I even exist.

This is the most profound experience I have ever had and I intend to go back
soon. I know what it is like now, so I think I can explore rather than fear. I
await that with impatience. Now I know there is more to this reality than meets
the eye, and I feel so much better, I'm excited and thrilled.

Thanks for everything sir, and keep up the great podcast :)

Daniel Seibert of Sage Wisdom appears in episode 64 of the C-Realm Podcast:



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Nov. 5th, 2008 12:25 am (UTC)
Beautiful report
Very nice report.
I especially like the comment "Now, I do not know what is real, whether other realities do exist or not, and whether that (or those) presence(s) are real in some parallel space or just in my head like my rational mind would lead me to believe." Very salvia.
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