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On the Near Horizon

From a recent blog post by John Michael Greer:
Over the next decade or so, the United States will have to work out a way to stand down from a global military-economic empire it can no longer afford to maintain; it will have to find the money and the means to replace a mostly fictive economy based on the manipulation of baroque financial instruments with a real economy based on the production of goods and services for people; it will have to make good on decades of malign neglect inflicted on the national infrastructure on nearly every level, even as it struggles to convert a suburban landscape viable only in an age of cheap abundant fossil fuels to something that makes sense in the world of scarce and expensive energy ahead of us.

link: http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2008/11/history-and-hope.html#links

You can hear my interview with John Michael Greer in episode 120 of the C-Realm Podcast:


[edit 11/12/2008]

I wrote to JMG to let him know that I think that he's misunderstood and taken for a gleeful Doomer. He wrote back to say:
Of course! The only way to keep from being misunderstood is to say only what everybody else is already thinking -- and that seems dull to me.

I've noticed with some amusement that for every person who insists that I'm a doomsayer who's preaching a gospel of despair, there's somebody else who thinks I'm a clueless Pollyanna who doesn't see just how bad the situation is. I figure if I keep the numbers just about equal, I'm doing well.



I liked that. Particularly the bit that I put in bold, because something I read on the Kunstler Cast forums about the C-Realm Podcast had proved surprisingly irritating to me. Some of the Kunstler Cast enthusiasts where comiserating over how none of the other shows nominated in the Culture / Arts category have the gravitas to be worthy of consideration alongside the Kunstler Cast:
Wow. Look at the competition. I am in no way familiar with these other podcasts (except one, see below). But their titles leave me kind of ..... speechless. I don't want to be disrespectful but ... "Television Zombies"?? Huh "Secrets of Harry Potter"?? Huh

As for C-Realm podcast --that particular podcast I am familar with ONLY BECAUSE OF Mr. Kunstler's home page. On kunstler.com there is a link to the C-Realm web site where there is an audio recording of Mr. Kunstler's recent speech (April of 2008) where he addressed a formal assembly of the Congress for the New Urbanism in Austin, Texas. C-Realm is an enlightenment kind of web site, into some kind of mediational thing, preaching good energy, encouraging people to enivsion world peace, etc. (I believe IIRC that the "c" stands for "consciousness.")

Here's the link to that speech by Mr. Kunstler as it appears on the C-Realm web site.


Other than that, I have no knowledge of these other podcasts. But just going by their titles, they seem a little ... odd-sounding. Again, no desire to be disrespectful, but what I am ultimately saying is that perhaps the competition isn't of a very high caliber this year insofar as actual content (culturally and artistically speaking, that is Wink ). But ... competition as far as the most loyal and vote-ing-est fanbase could very well be another thing entirely. So get voting!

C stands for "consciousness," and without listening to the show it's safe to assume that anything concerned with "consciousness" is new age, space bunny nonsense. I know, it's silly to get bent out of shape when someone who admittedly has not listened to the show mischaracterizes it. John Micheal's comments helped me integrate the rational realization with the larger ecology of my metal and emotional make-up, i.e. my consciousness.


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 9th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
How sure are you about that?
How long ago did you form that opinion? How much new information have you taken in since then to gauge its enduring accuracy?

I'm more familiar with JHK's viewpoints than with Greer's. JHK says that things ARE going to change but that after a tough period of adjustment we'll be better off in many ways. That doesn't sound like Doomer talk to me, that is unless you think that the quality of the human experience depends entirely on the long-term viability of suburban sprawl and the indefinite perpetuation of the automobile culture.

That said, if we direct all of our energies and resources to trying to prevent the passage of the age of the 3,000 mile salad, then I think that JHK would agree that things do look pretty grim.

If you missed Jim Kunstler's suggestions for easing the transition in C-Realm Podcast episode 86: Moments of Contingency, then I suspect that you were multi-tasking as you listened and that your attention was directed elsewhere, as his prescriptions were pretty explicit.

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