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Zombie Metaphor

Long time listeners to the podcast know that I'm a fan of zombie movies. The zombie metaphor is like a Swiss army knife. It can be re-purposed and called into service to do a variety of jobs. Jim Kunstler enlists the zombie metaphor in his latest blog post in which he likens the US economy and the money-for-nothing credit system to a corpse that insists on tottering around in a parody of living motion even as it rots and gives off a putrid stench, and like one of George Romero's shuffling undead, it persists in its anti-conscious program of seeking out the remaining morsels of vital living tissue which it consumes in an orgy of gore that provides it with no meaningful sustenance.

Much as I love zombies, the snippet from JHK's zombie blog entry that I want share with you doesn't mention them, but what better representation for "the campaign to sustain the unsustainable" than a walking corpse?
The campaign to sustain the unsustainable is, besides war, the greatest pitfall this society can stumble into. It represents a squandering of our remaining scant resources and can only produce the kind of extreme political disappointment that wrecks nations and leads to major conflicts between them.

link: http://jameshowardkunstler.typepad.com/clusterfuck_nation/2008/11/zombie-economics.html

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