KMO (kmo) wrote,

C-Realm Podcast: Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Special

"C" stands for consciousness

134: Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Special

KMO welcomes Neil Kramer back to the program to praise the films of George A. Romero and to judge those who carried on and/or ripped off his life's work. What does an animated flesh eating corpse symbolize? What can we learn about our fears and our beliefs concerning the people around us by pondering the shuffling corpses of 70's cinema and their fleet footed counter-parts in the 21st Century zeitgeist? All this and a quick trip Down Under to mash Mad Max into the mix.

More links to come, but for now here are five scientifically plausible scenarios leading to Zombie Apocalypse!

Tags: mad max, peak oil, zombie flicks, zombies
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