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Inverted Totalitarianism

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(Sheldon S. Wolin) does not hold out much hope for Obama. "The basic systems are going to stay in place; they are too powerful to be challenged," Wolin told me when I asked him about the new Obama administration. "This is shown by the financial bailout. It does not bother with the structure at all. I don't think Obama can take on the kind of military establishment we have developed. This is not to say that I do not admire him. He is probably the most intelligent president we have had in decades. I think he is well meaning, but he inherits a system of constraints that make it very difficult to take on these major power configurations. I do not think he has the appetite for it in any ideological sense. The corporate structure is not going to be challenged. There has not been a word from him that would suggest an attempt to rethink the American imperium." Wolin argues that a failure to dismantle our vast and overextended imperial projects, coupled with the economic collapse, is likely to result in inverted totalitarianism. He said that without "radical and drastic remedies" the response to mounting discontent and social unrest will probably lead to greater state control and repression. There will be, he warned, a huge "expansion of government power."



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Feb. 5th, 2009 07:29 am (UTC)
Thank you for the link KMO

Yeah, the other evening I read a bit about the people Obama has selected for his cabinet, and after just a wee bit of googling, come to find out that the list reads like a whose-who of insiders, with Federal Reserve CEOs and chairmen, a mess of Bilderburgs and Trilateralists, proponents of globalization, and more.

And honestly, I felt my tin-foil hat stirring after reading ( and track'n down the audio ) where in recent months, Joe Biden practically pledged a guarantee that "an international crisis" will unfold shortly after President Obama takes office.
“It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy,” he said to an audience in Seattle. “Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”“Mark my words, mark my words,” Biden stressed, adding that “tough” and “unpopular” foreign policy decisions will have to be made.
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