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Embracing the situation

I'm having trouble embracing my personal frakked up situation even though I CAN (intellectually) see it as an opportunity. I've been preparing myself for a couple of years now to embrace a globally frakked up situation, and I have to admit, I'm not there yet.

Thanks to a robot, i am not for prompting me to get around to reading something by Charles Eisenstein. Here's the very end of a recent Reality Sandwich piece:
The ideology of perpetual gain has brought us to a state of poverty so destitute that we are gasping for air. That ideology, and the civilization built upon it, is what is collapsing today.

Individually and collectively, anything we do to resist or postpone the collapse will only make it worse. So stop resisting the revolution in human beingness. If you want to survive the multiple crises unfolding today, do not seek to survive them. That is the mindset of separation; that is resistance, a clinging to a dying past. Instead, allow your perspective to shift toward reunion, and think in terms of what you can give. What can you contribute to a more beautiful world? That is your only responsibility and your only security. The gifts you need to survive and enjoy will come to you easily, because what you do to the world, you do to yourself.

There's more. Much more.


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