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157: Tilted Field of Giants

KMO welcomes Douglas Rushkoff back to the C-Realm to discuss the effect that corporations have on our lives, where corporations came from, and how they enjoy a playing field tilted in their favor by government regulation which insulates them from competition from more local and human-scaled alternatives. Douglas addresses these topics in his new book, Life, Inc.How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back Later in the program, Douglas talks about how messages from Quetzalcoatl really aren't from Quetzalcoatl once they pass human lips and how the ayahuasca crowd really needs to get over 2012.

Music by Patrick Ross

"The Go" like "The Way"
Lyrics and music by Patrick Ross</center>

Summer time and the lights are falling on my eyes
Something tells me that there's much more we can do
than sit around and think about the pain.

Grab her by the hands and run across the room
Don't look up, don't look down,
just close your eyes and fly through places you have never been

Before I go
I say with you
Remember that the Go is what we make it after all
Remember that the Go is what we make it after all
Remember that the Go is what we make it after all


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Jun. 11th, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)
Rushkoff gets a lot right... he's written some great stuff, he's brilliant, clear-thinking; "Life, Inc." is one of the most straight-forward critiques of the economic status-quo you can find...

but also a lot wrong:

It may be considered a non-sequitor, but I felt I had to point it out.
Jun. 20th, 2009 06:31 am (UTC)
Yes, I enjoy shows that reinforce my own thinking.
Wonderful episode. I especially enjoyed hearing from Rushkoff when you nudged him off the book tour script and onto his thoughts about the psychedelic literalism of 2012 devotees. The idea that "the messages you get from Quetzalcoatl" are metaphors and analogs derived from your reality and shouldn't be considered to be direct communication.
Yes, I enjoy shows that reinforce my own thinking.

Nicely conceived show, and further fleshed out by your reading of Ben Guertzel, which is even more satisfying because you allow the listener draw the connections without stating them yourself because as you said, they are obvious. Thanks, core

ps. Why the Don Quixote cover art? Misdirected by a noble ideal, driven mad. No need to explain unless you desire to do so.
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