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I was quite early for work today, so I stopped at a gas station to fill up. When I got back in the car it wouldn't start. I called roadside assistance, and they said they'd have a tow truck there in 45 minutes. An hour later I called them to get an eta. The first tow company completely flaked out. They said they'd call a second company and call me back. They didn't call back. To make a long story short, I spent three hours sitting at that gas station waiting for a tow truck. I'm back in my town now at the library.



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Jul. 3rd, 2009 01:35 pm (UTC)
Roadside assistance probably laid off 40% of their staff, the tow truck company aimed for a little over 90. That's my guess:)
The friends I have left with jobs are holding down the work of the two or three others in their department that are laid off. But that's becoming less of a problem, because as time goes on, there isn't much to be done anyway. No customers.

I spent a couple of hours out in the 100+ heat a week ago with a dead battery. Hood up, with a dead glow stick, trying to scrape the corrosion of it. No one around me even so much as asked me what was up. Except one guy on foot, who peered in and said, "You need to pour some diet coke on that." DIET coke? Huh? That's advertisitng for you, I guess.
Jul. 3rd, 2009 08:23 pm (UTC)
welcome to the collapse :-/

work too far to bike to?
Jul. 3rd, 2009 08:37 pm (UTC)
Too far to bike?
It takes me about an hour to drive to work.
Jul. 3rd, 2009 09:52 pm (UTC)
Park and ride?
Do you have the option for public transit? I worked for a corporation in Charlotte, NC and they provided free transit passes to their employees. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to ride the bus every day.

Perhaps your company would be willing to provide such a benefit if a few employees asked for it.
Jul. 3rd, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Park and ride?
My employer DOES offer such a benefit, but I live in the boonies, and the bus doesn't go to where I live. I could drive about half way to work and then "park & ride." I suspect that this would turn my 2 hour daily commute into a 5 hour commitment.
Jul. 3rd, 2009 10:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Park and ride?
I'd recommend giving it a shot getting to the park and ride extra early or something, some transit authorities can be worth the effort but others are absolutely atrocious. Google Maps helped me to time things effectively. My time on the bus became a sacred time set aside for reading.

Good luck with solving the commute! That was always the hardest part of my experience in the corporate world.
Jul. 3rd, 2009 11:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Park and ride?
I'd recommend giving it a shot...


I already spend 10 hours a week commuting. I would need a POWERFUL motivation to increase that figure.
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