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Feedback from a thoughtful listener


Thank you very much for your continuing efforts and contributions to consciousness raising and education through your beautifully crafted C-Realm Podcast. I find it very interesting and appreciate the diverse guests, themes and perspectives that come together on your podcast. I have been listening for at least half a year. I have relatively recently become enamored with the podcast format and internet audio documentaries-learning in general. The radio format has always been a big hit with me, especially documentaries, and this includes the CBC, which provides pretty good diversity and quality of radio journalism considering it is state-run. What I like about the internet sources of audio is that they provide a great diversity of choices which one can choose as opposed to passivly listening to what is sent. Something else which I am finding increasingly important nowadays, with our intensely visual and text-based world, is that this communication medium allows the eyes some much needed rest, while utilising the auditory senses and possibly allowing for doing other things simultaneously.

Given that your recent C-Realm episode was on the subject of war and climate change (with Gwyn Dwyer and another guest), I wanted to bring to your attention a recent CBC Radio Ideas program on the subject of climate change doubters or 'rebels'. This Ideas program was called "The Deniers" and was aired a little while after the re-broadcast of Climate Wars this past month. See details below (*). They interviewed Lawrence Solomon, long time environmentalist and director of the Toronto-based organisation Pollution Probe, who has put out a book (2008) called "The Deniers: The world-renowned scientists who stood up against global warming hysteria, political persecution, and fraud". It was fascinating to hear because he brought up many interesting and surprising ideas about those scientists who do not support the concept of climate change--as it is often presented using shoddy, inappropriate, or inaccurate science--and that these different findings were not communicated by the mainstream press for political or economic reasons. This is not to say that climate change is not happening, just that it is a complex situation which cannot be explained with simplistic science. As Wendell Berry suggests, we need to take an ignorance based (world) view given the complexity of things and that we can never understand everything or with certainty. And what was scary was also the fact that a whole economy is developing around the hype, fears and greenwashing of global warming (such as cap and trade, carbon credits, research funding). Lawrence might be a good candidate to invite on your show as he presents a refreshing and important perspective on a subject which cannot be left only to the scientists and politicians to grapple. I was also surprised to hear him mention that his interview by the CBC was one of the few parties who were interested in speaking to him, given the controversial and status quo-threatening nature of his discoveries.

* The following paragraph is from the schedule listing of CBC Ideas on their website:
Tuesday, July 21, 2009.
?The science is settled? is now the mantra of climate change activism. Those who disagree are either in denial or in the pay of an oil company. But long time environmentalist and energy activist Lawrence Solomon says no, the science is not settled. He talks with Ideas producer David Cayley.

Thought I would let you know that your editions of the C-Realm are very inspiring for me and are allowing me to move forward in liberating my own consciousness. Lately I have also found many synchronicity moments, as far as similar themes, events or For me, the challenge is to increasingly bring out and live that which I already believe, dream and hope for, but which for some reason(s) is blocked from surfacing. Are you aware of James Hillman's concept of the oak already being in the acorn? Well, it is this kind of thing that I am struggling with on this great road.

Even though I have not listened to all of your C-Realm episodes, I have enjoyed them all. Some of the ones that stand out at this time are: Toby Hemenway, Kunstler, Eisenstein, Odometer Moment (it was fascinating hearing about the mushroom nexus involving: bioremediation, food, medicinal, using our modern waste stream as substrates for growing, intergalactic spore travel and the spiritual-conciousness-communication side of psylocibin and other myco species!), the Irish guy. I also liked the cross fertilising happening with Agroinnovations and others. The quotes (like Terrence McKenna's), readings from books and music which are sprinkled through your podcast are also highly appreciated.

Some subjects which would be interesting to hear (more) about, as well as some suggested authors/guests, include:
* eco-psychology
* permaculture (if you can, check out Larry Santoyo interviewed on Peak Moment Televison for an inspiring, abundance-based intro to the beauty, elegance and simplicity that is permaculture)
* cities
* watersheds, rainwater harvesting, greywater and ecological stormwater (some possible guests working in these fields could include Brad Lancaster, Art Ludwig, Andy Lipkis and Brock Dolman).
* fire, including its ecology, economy and primal energy (You have maybe heard about Stephen Pyne from Arizona who has pulled together some fascinating multi-disciplinary stuff about fire. I would suggest looking into his works. One resource is a 2-part feature, called "Visions of Fire", which was also aired on CBC Radio Ideas and is available for listening at: http://www.cbc.ca/ideas/features/visions-of-fire/index.html
* geology (including how its scale and time relates to the hunger and destructiveness of man)
* cultivated ecologies (the nature culture blurr such as: Gilles Clement's concept of the Third Landscape, David Holmgren's (co-originator of the permaculture concept) take on ecosynthesis including his forthcoming book "Weeds or Wild Nature" he has an introductury article on the subject here )and the debate about native vs. 'invasive species' (Toby Hemenway has also written a good piece on this topic called "Natives: Restoring to an Idea" which can be found here: http://patternliteracy.com/nativeplantsres.html.

Hope I didn't flood or overwhelm you with my long note, but I was just feeling inspired and wanting to share,

Thanks for your time and do keep up with your evolving masterpiece.

All the best,


Ottawa, Canada


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Aug. 4th, 2009 05:28 pm (UTC)
It would be difficult to deny the changing of Earth's climate here in South Texas, with consistent triple digit temperatures in the summer - AND late spring , and with winter being reduced to a one-month-short, mild phenomenon.
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