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Doug Fine (who appears in C-Realm Podcast episodes 83 and 147) sent the following out to his mailing list today:
Ever wonder what would happen if you popped into the Quickie Mart for a quart of juice and some batteries and found the shelves were empty...permanently? I do. An essay I wrote on this issue, which I've thought about for several years and which partly explains the Digital Age Carbon-Neutral Life I'm attempting here on the Funky Butte Ranch, runs in the Washington Post's Outlook section Sunday. Which means, of course, that it went up online today (Thursday) -- newspapers even scoop themselves online these days, which doesn't really seem like a winning business model to me, but I'm glad it's available early. So even if you don't live on the Beltway (or in the White House, though hard copy readers get photos), you can read it at:


And so we confront our prospects for Keeping the Googling Good Life Going in a Post-Box Store era.

Not that I'm rooting for a collapse. Comfort is good. But it seems mainstream to at least wonder about it, given the goings-on of the last two thousand years. Or the last two.

Hope everyone's having a lovely summer. I'm waiting on a recalcitrant monsoon season here in the desert -- all thunder, not much moisture every afternoon. Having a lot of fun waiting, though: writing, hiking, and stuffing myself with goat ice cream. In other news, "Funky Butte Goat Squad" organic t-shirts will soon be available at my live events and on the "Dispatches from the Funky Butte Ranch" blog of Carbon-Neutral Misadventures at www.dougfine.com. And even more important than swag, I've started work on my next book.

Sustainabilty or bust, everyone. Meaning, cross your fingers that building a Green economy is going to launch us back into a worldwide leadership role this Millennium.

And the Post story is at:


First-time visitors might or might not have to do a free registration. Another stupendous business model.

Oh, well, I can't worry about the old media's problems. As long as the check doesn't bounce. I'm off to refill the hummingbird feeders for the second time today -- the manic little miracles are swarming, darting in a deafening frenzy of orange and olive green wings outside my window (above a parade of week-old ducklings). I hope all the bird activity is a monsoon harbinger.




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