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link: http://chelseagreen.com/blogs/michaelruppert/category/nature-and-environment/

The left has failed us as badly as the right. Just the use of the words “left” and “right” closes off a myriad of possible life-saving options. Conservatives and liberals starve and die in exactly the same way. They go homeless the same way. They bleed the same way. The Powers That Be would much rather have us fighting each other rather than them.

-Michael C. Ruppert


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Apr. 6th, 2010 09:07 pm (UTC)
Radical Diversity and Localization, Post Peak OIl
In the distant future terms like "left" and "right" will mean about as much to our grandchildren as Whig or Jacobite do to us. Perhaps even less, since the homogenizing effect of global transportation will be curtailed by Peak Oil. I foresee greater differentiation, a re-growth of regionalism and direct democracy leading to radical diversity at the local level.
As a Lefty, this sort of thing makes my type uncomfortable, since we believe centralized control is necessary to maintain high standards of civil behavior and justice. But uniformity can only be maintained with effort, since Diversity is a law of nature.
The Right also dislike local diversity, having supported the needs of Big Business over small business for so many years, constantly undermining government efforts to restrict corporate concentrations of power.
Centralized power is just too high maintenance. I believe its days are numbered. If we do have states they will be like the old European principalities, based on geography, shared culture and natural resources. All that has to happen is for the oil to dry up--- and both sets of Fat Cats will dry up too.
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