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Dying Monsters

In a blog post from last Fall, Dmitry Orlov wrote:

Monsters require different treatment from most other things out there. We don't generally try to reform them. There is hardly a point in teaching a vampire good hygiene (rinse between meals, please!) or in muzzling a werewolf and clipping its claws, or in making zombies eat a balanced diet and observe Lent. Rather, we generally prefer to slay them. There are specific ways to kill various monsters. A vampire is dispatched by driving an aspen stake through its heart. Werewolves are shot with silver bullets. Zombies require a shotgun blast to the head. Corporations dissolve upon being doused with red ink, a bit like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Now, a question arises with regard to the USA: is it more of a country (like, say, France) or is it more of a corporation (like, say AIG or GM or GS)? Looking at its politics, it is apparent that it is more of a country club than a country. Corporations are clearly the ones in charge, through electoral campaign donations, lobbyists, and the revolving door between corporate and government positions. The periodic electoral monkey-business and fake media frenzy are just there as an ad campaign to keep the brand fresh. It does seem more and more like a corporate entity, with a small and shrinking number of shareholders, whose latest scheme (now that the whole thing is spiraling the drain) is to have the government print lots of money just so that they can pocket huge sums of it.


Is the USA more aptly described as a country or as a monster? If it's a monster should it be killed? What if it's already dying? If we think that it is a monster and that it is dying, should we go out of our way to keep it alive in the hopes of reforming it? Should we make an effort to kill it if we think that, while dying, it still has the necessary teeth and claw capacity to take us to oblivion with it?

Here's the really tough one: what if we think that it's dying but that its violent death throes will last for the remainder of our mortal span?


I originally intended to post this to the discussion section of the Friends of the C-Realm group on Facebook, but after 5 failed attempts to satisfy Facebook's CAPTCHA gatekeeper of my own humanity, I'm just posting it here. You may well be reading this on Facebook, but I had to post it to LiveJournal in order to sneak it onto Facebook.

Stupid Facebook.

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