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Pick Your Battle

As you probably know, I'm running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to print "Conversations on Collapse: C-Realm Podcast Transcripts." As of now, 38 backers have pledged $1,986 toward a goal of $3,000 with 18 days to go. Thank you to all backers.

If I were a pragmatic utility maximizer, I probably wouldn't promote a "competing" Kickstarter campaign, but we in the decidedly non-corporate, marginal media don't play that way. At the helm of a project very much related to the C-Realm Podcast comes douglain, fiction author and host of the Diet Soap Podcast. Doug is promoting his own Kickstarter campaign to fund a project he calls "Pick Your Battle: Foraging as Revolutionary Self-help)" which Doug describes as follows:

"Pick Your Battle" is the title of a radical self-help book that starts off from where my more pessimistic and surreal effort at self-help "How to Cut Yourself to Pieces" left off. In a time of peak oil, peak population, and peak insanity just stepping outside and getting to know the plant life in your neighborhood represents a radical break.

Money raised for the "Pick Your Battle Project" will cover the writing, printing, promotion, and distribution of a book that will explain and explore urban gleaning, situationist theory, and unschooling while telling the story of my own and my family's attempt to revolutionize our everyday lives. It will support efforts to organize local foraging, community gardens, psychogeographic field trips, and a confrontation with the current system.

While writing the book I will also continue discussing permaculture and the radical politics on the Diet Soap podcast and give updates on my progress.

Blessed souls who donate a dollar or more get a copy of Doug's short story "Noam Chomsky and the Timebox" right away.

Daniel Coffeen, whose lectures on Rhetoric at UC Berkeley can be heard on iTunes U, commented on the story:

"I was afraid it was going to become didactic, but it never assumed that tone. It's got this impeccable feel to it. Just in tone there is resistance. The tone is engaged, open, and playful. I laughed out loud."


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