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Posted to the Amazon.com page for Conversations on Collapse: C-Realm Podcast Transcripts

I confess that as one of the interviewees in this book, I am not an impartial reviewer. I recommend it not for my own interview but for those with whom it was my honor to be joined.

Having written a number of books and been interviewed hundreds of times, I have to say there are good interviews, pedestrian interviews, and abysmally disgraceful interviews (the kind where it is obvious the interviewer has not done any homework, is badly misinformed about nearly everything, and moreover, insists on asking questions that can go nowhere except into the ludicrous fantasies of their own echo chamber). You know?

KMO is not that kind of interviewer. He is well-informed, well-read, articulate, and able to push the boundaries of those with whom he converses. The product of those skills is on display here. Putting a great interviewer in the same space with amazing personalities is like being a fly on the wall at G.I. Gurdjieff's Meetings with Remarkable Men, or hanging out downstairs in the bar at a Bilderberg Group meeting.

I recommend this little book to anyone thinking about their future and wondering how they should best prepare for what we are about to experience. And then, when you are ready, head for The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook: Recipes for Changing Times.

There are only three reviews of my book on Amazon.com so far, but they're three keepers, for sure. Thank you.

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