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Z stands for Zombie!

You probably already know this, but in addition to hosting the C-Realm Podcast, I'm the co-host of the Z-Realm Podcast, a show devoted to zombies and zombie media (movies, comics, novels, video games). You can find the podcast here:


My co-host, Marty, and I also have a Z-Realm Facebook group:


I post this here because as popular as zombies are, and as many people listen to the C-Realm Podcast, I'm surprised that we don't have more people listening to and interacting with the Z-Realm. I invite you to give it a try, and if there is any zombie related theme or project that you would like us to cover on the podcast, do let us know.

If you saw this on Twitter, please re-Tweet with the appropriate tags to attract folks interested in zombies.



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Feb. 16th, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
sorry, forgot to introduce myself--
xx40 here, looking for LJ friends
we have...

kurt vonnegut in common

but i also enjoy philip k. dick
(having only read
the most popular one...
though i did watch a scanner darkly
and would like to read it soon)
and ray kurzweil fascinates me

i am interested with spirituality as well

so... zombies
haven't seen too many zombie flicks
but romero is pretty cool
almost went on a zombie walk
one time
and wish
i would've
...maybe next time
Feb. 18th, 2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
Why I don't listen to Z-Realm
Hey KMO,

I'm sure you know I'm an avid listener of your C-Realm. I would like to comment on why I choose not to listen to your Z-Realm.

When the Z-Realm first came out, I was very excited to listen to you and your comparison's of the mainstream sheeple in today's society as zombies. I totally see the connection and would love to explore it more. The main sticking point was while listening to either your first or second Z-Realm episode was your reliance on current mainstream television episodes for your structure.

I gave up live broadcast TV 3 years ago and have not missed it since, save a three month withdrawal period. I am so much better off not having all the "news" and advertisements. My family does netflix and we do get our favorite series delivered but we're a season behind on everything. That's fine with us because we don't have the commercials and we're not tied to a corporations broadcast schedule either. We watch when we want and how much we want.

We live in a rural area and Broadband is not available except the expensive option of satellite internet. We can't afford that so we're on dial-up which means that we can't watch the streaming feed from the network websites.

Your use of the new series, "The Walking Dead," (I hope it's the right title), while provocative of thought, is someplace I cannot meet you. Once I heard your enthusiasm for the show, I decided to netflix it as soon as it comes out but I have to wait until it's released. The point where I stopped listening to the Z-Realm was at your very first "Spoiler Alert."

For me following your journey through the C-Realm and internalizing the evil effects of live broadcast mainstream media, I was a bit shocked that you chose such a manner of structure for the Z-Realm. I felt like I was excluded from enjoyment of the Z-Realm because I am striving to live within the fundamental ideals of the C-Realm. One of those fundamental ideas being removal of live broadcast television.

I'm not trying to bash on you, KMO. I, and many of my close friends, love your efforts for the C-Realm and wish you well in all your endeavors, Z-Realm included. I never would have come out of the blue to tell you this but you asked so I provide one answer of how it affects one member of your potential Z-realm audience.

You have a brilliant gift of insight and you can easily cut through the shit and arrive at the core of the matter. Perhaps you can figure out a way to get your ideas across to us in the Z-Realm without the necessity of plugging back into live broadcast TV? If you found a way to do that, I'd certainly give it another try.

With much respect,

Feb. 19th, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Why I don't listen to Z-Realm
Hi Toucan,

Thank you for posting your explanation. I didn't realize, though it makes sense in hindsight, that Marty and I gave the impression that every episode of the Z-Realm Podcast tracks an episode of AMC's The walking Dead. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

There are only six episodes of The Walking Dead TV show, and there won't be any new episodes until July at the earliest. Marty and I will be recording episode 14 of the podcast tomorrow, so we've definitely moved on to other media. No broadband internet or TV hookup is no problem in terms of following the podcast these days. A Netflix subscription is your ticket.

For example, for the next show, we'll be talking about a largely overlooked zombie film called Fido. It is available through Netflix and well worth your time.

We've been putting out the call via the podcast, Facebook, and now here, for listener suggestions. Anyone who speaks up at this point can exercise enormous influence over the content of the podcast.
Feb. 20th, 2011 08:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Why I don't listen to Z-Realm
Alright, KMO, Fido is in the netflix queue and I'll listen the applicable episode as soon as I've watched the movie. Thanks for clearing up the issue surrounding the prerequisites.

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