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246: Navigating the Coming Chaos


KMO welcomes Carolyn Baker back to the program to discuss her new book, Navigating the Coming Chaos: A Handbook for Inner Transition.  They weigh the merits of focusing on the machinations of the New World Order, and Carolyn explains why she thinks people are starting to see through the capitalist propaganda of the American Dream. Music by Mistle Thrush.

KMO was the guest on the Shroom with a View Podcast and the Gut and Bone Show.



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Feb. 26th, 2011 07:39 pm (UTC)
tin foil hat wearers
Great podcast as usual Kmo. In particular I found what the lady doomer had to say to be quite moving and hope she finds a way to give her life some purpose. I haven't managed to as yet and maybe need to check out Carolyn's books for inspiration.

I wanted to say that I think that it's not helpful, even if it is understandable, to pigeon hole people as either/or in the way you did with Collapsnics versus Truthers. Yes, many of us who do believe there are covert agendas at play can be somewhat dogmatic and a little too quick to adopt the beliefs of truther convention, but there are also many of us who don't conform to such tidy paradigms. For instance, I think there's plenty of good evidence to suggest peak oil has come and gone, but I'm not at all convinced by weak, climate science (frantically sold as robust by the MSM) or that the co2 alarmists are necessarily the good guys as they like to portray themselves.

It's all very well preparing for a post-collapse world, but without observing, interpreting and responding to political trends is naive at best. What I see playing out in America (it's less stark in Europe) could perhaps suggest that peak democracy has come and gone and a more severe, authoritarian rule is now in it's place. And I very much doubt the world collapsnics are preparing for the same world as those in power are preparing for.
Feb. 26th, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
Re: tin foil hat wearers
I agree that the lines are not clear. Dmitry Orlov, the self-described kolapsnik, mentioned the network of FEMA camps under construction in my very first conversation with him back in 2007.

I've mentioned on the show that several of the guests I've interviewed who had nothing to say about psychedelics in their public rap confided in me privately that their psychedelic experiences have been extremely important to them and an invaluable ingredient in their personal development.

Similarly, people who have nothing to say about chemtrails, UFOs, or 9-11 in their public presentations have spoken about these subjects to me in private.
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