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Writer's Block: Dear LiveJournal

How long have you been on Livejournal? What major life changes has LiveJournal witnessed?

According to my LJ user info, I created this account on 2001-03-26 at 00:28:57. That was after the birth of my first son, but I remember posting pictures of him to LJ the day he was born, and I know that I was using LJ when I lived in my studio apartment in downtown Seattle. I moved out of there in January of 2000, so I don't feel much confidence in the accuracy of LJ's internal record keeping.

Suppose it was the end of March of 2001. In that time I have moved from Port Ludlow, Washington to Perth, West Australia to Berryville, Arkansas to Fayetteville, Arkansas to Gravette, Arkansas to Centerton, Arksansas to Cecilton, Maryland to Chesapeake City (Port Herman), Maryland to Summertown, Tennessee.

My oldest child was born in November of 2000, so my time on LJ accounts for most of his life. My youngest was born in 2004, and his whole life fits within my official LJ tenure. I started the C-Realm Podcast in October of 2006, and before that I had been doing C-Realm Comix. I had (I guess "have") a separate LJ account for comics: crealm . I thought that all of the image links would be broken, but apparently I uploaded some of the images directly to LJ. The most recent comic I found there just now was from 15 March 2006.

Over the course of my time on LJ, I ate and drank too much and gained a lot of weight. In 2006, just as I was working up to creating the C-Realm Podcast, I started a pH Miracle diet in an effort to shrink my nasal polyps. It worked for a time, and in the process, I lost about 30 pounds. Eventually the polyps came back, and I had two surgeries in 2009 to remove them. My weight has crept up from time to time, but it has never reached my 2006 high of 240 pounds. (knocks wood)

In the time that I've been on LJ, I've gone from being flush with cash to dead broke. I've gone through an ugly divorce. I've developed a global following of listeners who think I've got it going on. Some of them even claim to retain this view after having met me in person.  Now I live at the Ecovillage Training Center on the Farm.

Since March of 2001 I have made two trips to the Peruvian Amazon, and in 2008, I spent a week with a group of C-Realm listeners doing an ayahuasca retreat at the Temple of the Way of the Light.

I've done a speaking tour with Neil Kramer and multiple solo appearances, self-published a book, and turned some on-line only acquaintances into real life friendships. I launched the Psychonautica podcast, the ETC voices podcast, co-created the Z-Realm Podcast, and appeared as a guest on multiple podcasts and radio shows.

I spent time in a cubicle, prostituting my brain and voice for a corporate Leviathan. It sucked mightily, but it did give me health insurance for a year and allowed me to get the sinus surgery that freed up my voice.

Since my divorce, I have dabbled (I'm tempted to say "unsuccessfully," but the experiences and resulting insights may prove invaluable) with romance.

I've suffered three hard drive disasters since I've been on LiveJournal which have resulted in the loss of hundreds (if not thousands) of digital photographs. There are some photos that I still have access to only because I had posted them to LiveJournal prior to the crash.

Outside of my own little sphere, a few events seem to have had some serious and lasting effects, particularly the nastiness of 11 September 2001. Since I've been on LiveJournal, MySpace has come and gone, and Facebook and Google have emerged as the Internet super-powers trying to out maneuver each other in a Cold War-like struggle for dominance.

It's been a sobering, bracing, tough love sort of decade. And it's all right here on LJ. I once followed a link that offered to turn my LiveJournal into a book. The resulting .pdf came to thousands of pages. Far more than a single bound volume could contain. I'm not saying it's all "writing" or that it would be of great interest to anyone other than me, but it's all right here on LiveJournal.


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Mar. 6th, 2011 11:07 am (UTC)
zeitgeist criticism
I'm sorry to blurt this out here, but I found no other option that didn't require signing up to do it. I wanted to listen to your criticisms of Moving Forward because I have some and was hoping to be able to develop them further by such means. What a mistake.

You and your friend/guest, while astute enough to give lip service to not wanting it to be construed as a defense of capitalism, did nothing but indefensibly defend capitalism for the whole discussion, and with tropes conditioned into you, no less. A couple of robots blithely exemplifying the very object of your criticism. Some "consciousness".... It was downright callow. It was heedless and wiped the millions dying of lack or by our well armed demands to make them lack more right off the mindscape as though another couple hundred years of letting this filthy monetary system do its thing will solve the problem without any more attention. OMG!

Yes. It will. They'll all be dead, and not gently. Meanwhile, one in a thousand, or a hundred, but really more like ten thousand gets to have the great job like the guy at Twitter. There was so much sophistry obviously lapped up from wealthy babies' glib excuses for themselves in that podcast I almost threw something at my computer.

You're a PARENT. You have access to SO many people with SO much information and SO many ideas that ALL scream against holding many of the positions articulated in that podcast! I'm appalled. I could go into this minutely but I'm too appalled. I really just wanted to register with you my supreme disapproval of the lethal SHALLOWNESS of that discussion.

Oh. My. God.
Mar. 6th, 2011 12:41 pm (UTC)
Re: zeitgeist criticism
I'm guessing that this is the first episode of the podcast that you've listened to.

The show notes for episode 245: Moving Forward can be found here:


Edited at 2011-03-06 12:50 pm (UTC)
Mar. 6th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
Re: zeitgeist criticism
Thanks for that neuf! I couldn't even be bothered to express my disgruntlement at the obvious blindness to their own contructs in the name of critique.
Mar. 6th, 2011 11:10 am (UTC)
I once followed a link that offered to turn my LiveJournal into a book.

Any chance the link is still around, I've been lazily complaining for years now about wanting a way to download the contents of my lj into a useful format...

I joined lj not too long after you did and when I think back over what it's seen from me, it's a pretty damned strange journey that life's been.
Mar. 6th, 2011 12:38 pm (UTC)
LJ Book
Jun. 6th, 2011 10:41 am (UTC)
Wars and Horse-Races; opinions and . . . everybody's got one

Hi KMO --

One of the lessons for me when I was the center of the storm of a different sort of community, was how very much work I had to do to internalize "turning the other cheek." While I am [*almost* always] able to respond in a manner that [I hope!] is not wounding, I still have not mastered the "water off a duck's back" part of that paradigm.

I know, as I'm sure you do, that wounded people say things that are wounding, and I'm sure we both feel compassion for their pain, but I, at least, still find it personally painful when detractors seem so quick to attack "out of context," as it were. An exploration of a much larger body of work might support a spirit of inquiry and an inward exploration of "how come I got hooked here?"

I heard how you handled it on the podcast that I believe followed these posts, and I am all the more impressed now that I have read the gentle response here in your journal. Thank you for the modeling.

Re: the "global following of listeners who think I've got it going on."

I believe that those of us who are "impressed" with you are resonating with the vibration of your heart and the earnestness with which you attempt to explore without becoming, as you put it in one of the podcasts, "that angry guy" - along with the strength of your commitment to BEing the change you wish to see in the world. Your human-ness and dedication to growth of psyche and spirit are more attractive than some mount of "perfection" could ever be - at least for me.

Please -- be sure to turn the flashlight of that gentle spirit on Kevin whenever times get tough, he deserves it.

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