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Twitter on my Peek9

I have just un-followed Roger Ebert on Twitter. I like what he has to say, but the volume of his Tweetage was overwhelming my Peek9 (no-frills mobile email device).

When I don't use the Peek for days on end, as often happens at the ETC where we get no cell reception, then it can take several hours for my Peek to download all of the email messages, Facebook notifications, and Tweets that came in since I last took the Peek out into the world. Most of those Tweets are from Roger Ebert.

Before I added my Twitter info to my Peek account, I could generally get a whole day's use out of the Peek on one battery charge. Since adding Twitter, I have to charge the thing at least twice a day.

I may remove the Twitter feed entirely from my Peek. Very few people make text-only Tweets. That kind of brevity is hard. Most people, myself included, Tweet links to longer stuff housed elsewhere. I can't follow any links on the Peek, so digging through all those Tweets for a scrap of content that I don't need a proper internet connection to access yields insufficient return on the energy invested.


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Cecil Mills
Mar. 28th, 2011 01:34 am (UTC)
Joe Bageant R.I.P.
I learned of Joe Bageant from KMO and have been a faithful reader of his writings since. He was one of the good ones and I will miss him.

God Speed Joe and thank you KMO for bringing his vital and origional voice to your audience.

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