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Zombie Links Galore

I'm sitting at Marty's place in Greensboro, and he has directed my attention to a lovingly crafted email from a Z-Realm listener with suggestions for future show topics with lots of links. I was reading it and listening to Marty praise the attention and care that went into it's creation, and I thought, "This is an email? Man, this is a blog post."

Hold the phone.

I have a blog (of sorts).

I could post it.

Freakin' Eureka.


Hi Marty & KMO,


I’ve really being enjoying the Z-Realm – it’s great to hear opinions and recommendations from other folk who are into the zombie genre. Thanks to you guys I finally got around to watching “Zombieland” and it absolutely lived up to your praise – even my wife (not a Z-fan) enjoyed it. “Fido” (another film I’d unfairly avoided) is next on the viewing list.


Also, I’m finally getting around to responding to your request for Z-Realm user feedback and suggestions! So here goes:


I recently learned that “28 Months Later” may be scheduled for production in 2013 (IMDb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1322885/). With that in mind, I have two sets of things for your consideration, both based in the “28 Days/Weeks Later” universe.

The first is a set of short trailer-style films; the second is a good quality (honest!) fan-produced film which takes place sometime between the events of “28 Days” and “28 Weeks”.


1) So, first up a series of short films (all available on Youtube) that were commissioned to support the release of “28 Weeks Later” on DVD. Despite being made to promote the sequel, these shorts are based in the time immediately following the initial outbreak of the Rage virus.


Here are the links for Youtube videos for three of these films (there are several more, but I think these are the most interesting – especially the third one called 77 Days Later. I’d recommend watching this one first):


Official short films from MedloTV supporting the release of 28 Weeks Later on DVD.

28 Weeks Later: 28 Seconds Later



28 Weeks Later: Jealous Rage



28 Weeks Later: 77 Days Later



Each one shows the experience of an ordinary individual confronting the rage virus apocalypse.

The characters include:

- a lone soldier directly confronting the infected

- a husband/father returning home in the midst of the chaos to protect his family

- an office worker in London overtaken by the outbreak and finding shelter from the infected


The best of the three is certainly the last one with the office worker. There are a number of nice touches in this short – I particularly like the scene at 1 minute and 55 seconds where our guy has been stuck on a rooftop in London for 28 days. He is listening to a radio through headphones and so fails to hear Jim (Cillian Murphy’s character in the first Danny Boyle film) shouting “Hello” in the background.

Overall, though, I like this short because I imagine that this guy’s experience would be pretty close to that of the average shmo caught up in such a catastrophic event – unprepared, frightened and ultimately devoid of hope.




2) The second thing for your consideration is a fan-produced short film called “28 Days Later – The Rage”. Again, this is available on Youtube split into three episodes. Unlike a lot of the zombie/infected fan-produced tributes it has amazingly high production value, engaging story and good acting considering it was produced for next to no money.

Here is the official introduction blurb:


“The Rage is set in the world of Danny Boyle's 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later films. It shot in Glasgow for 4 days in 2007 and two days in 2008 and was made on a low to no budget. The Rage is the second collaboration between Glasgow based film makers Colin Ross Smith (Foghhorn Films) and Carter Ferguson (Ickleflix - formerly Icklepix). Episode 2 will be released on the 8th of August 2008 and Episode 3 will be released on the 15th August 2008. The Rage features familiar faces from Scotland's film and television scene with main cast comprising of Derek Munn, William Ruane, Clare Waugh, Chris Summers and Joe Cassidy.”


Here are the Youtube links:
















For a low budget effort, I was really impressed with this.


Anyway, hope this might give you some material for another Z-Realm episode. And because it is all on Youtube, you don’t even have to spend money renting anything on DVD! So there you go – low budget Turbo Zombies help us through global economic collapse.


All the best,





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Paul White
Apr. 1st, 2011 08:35 am (UTC)
Hey KMO,

I'm glad that the links might prove useful to you and Marty. I thought these little vids were pretty decent - hopefully they live up to my "lovingly crafted" mail ;)

I've got a few other bits and pieces that kind of link in with this. Actually, they fall somewhere between the Z-Realm and C-Realm - I'll gather some links into an intelligible email this evening.

Unfortunately, for the next 10 - 12 hours I am contractually obliged to be a good little servant to the system.

All the best,

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