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The Worst Part About Podcasting

They're working in the garden today at the Ecovillage Training Center. I wanted to be a part of that, so I made a special effort to have the podcast finished on Tuesday (I usually put it together on Wednesday). I got up at 4 am to upload the audio file to PodOMatic during the open bandwidth period. The idea was that, in the morning I would create the episode art and show description and just select the audio file from my media library to post the episode. I could then have Liberated Syndication import the audio from the PodOMatic entry. Presto! Done. I can go work in the garden with the apprentices.

Of course, it didn't work.

The PodOMatic entry worked for a little while, but then I tried to edit the show description, and when it asked me to choose an audio file, the one that I uploaded last night had (yet again, WTF, PodOMatic?) disappeared from my archive. I'm trying to upload it again from the Farm Store, and the best upload speed I have seen thus far has been 8 KB/second. At that speed it will take many hours to upload the file, so I guess I'll be driving into Hohenwald, burning gas that I can't afford to burn, to find a connection that will allow me to upload the file.

In the meantime, I edited the episode entry on PodOMatic to say that the audio is temporarily unavailable but that folks who are in a hurry can get it from the Libsyn entry for this episode. I just checked on that and found that the audio on Libsyn is corrupted and will need to be uploaded again.

It's one of those days when I'm tempted to fire both PodOMatic and Liberated Syndication and just host the show on the Internet Archive, but uploading to the Internet Archive takes longer and is more prone to failure than either of the two pay services.


It's now 2:21 pm, and I see little hope of getting the show posted anytime before dark, so no gardening for me.

Update: 4:37 pm - I'm at the Buffalo River Coffee Company, and I've successfully re-uploaded the .mp3 to PodOMatic. It is working there for the moment.  The second upload to Liberated Syndication is done, and I'm streaming it now. No sign of corruption so far. Fingers crossed.

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