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 I just recorded three-way conversation with Dmitry Orlov and Richard Heinberg. That conversation will make up the bulk of C-Realm Podcast episode 266, which comes out on Wednesday, July 13th.

If you've ever listened to the C-Realm Podcast, then you know that at the beginning of each episode I thank that week's sponsors. Unless someone writes to me and requests that I identify them in a certain way I will thank them using their first name and last initial. If the donation comes from a PayPal account associated with the name of a business rather than an individual, then I will thank the business or organization.

Episode 266 will likely get a wider distribution and attract a larger audience than most C-Realm episodes, and I wanted to give potential sponsors a heads up. If you'd like your name or the name of your business or organization mentioned at the beginning of episode 266, then you need only make a contribution between now and Tuesday evening. If you'd like me to read out a brief sponsorship message on behalf of you or your organization, then just follow your donation up with an email and send me a short statement.
paypal donate button
Q: How much do I need to donate in order to have my organization mentioned on the show?
A: Any amount is appreciated. I create and offer up the podcast as a gift, and I accept gifts in return. I place no restrictions on that kind of gift giving.  If I receive a donation from the Coca Cola company in the amount of $5, then I'm not going to open the program by saying, 'This episode of the C-Realm Podcast is brought to you by Coca Cola: Coke. It's the Real Thing.' But I will certainly read out a message on behalf of The Institute for Right Livelihood  In Economic Contraction (a fictional organization as far as I know) in exchange for whatever amount they see fit to donate.
Also, this episode will be a good one for musicians looking for exposure. I normally prefer to play songs by unsigned bands, but I'll be happy to receive music from small labels looking to promote acts that really deserve a larger audience than they have currently. If you'd like to submit a song for use on the podcast, please attach an .mp3 to an email message and send it to kmo@c-realm.com. If you're a signed act, please get permission from your record label for me to play the track on the podcast. That can be in the form of a forwarded email.

Thank you to all C-Realm sponsors, guests, and listeners. Stay well, y'all.

If you have any trouble with the PayPal link, you can start at the PayPal main page and send funds to kmo@c-realm.com.

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