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Thank you for the kind words.

Sometime in early 2010 I decided to move the C-Realm archive from PodOMatic to Liberated Syndication. This was a terrible idea, and it turned into a fiasco at every level. I cancelled my LibSyn account 26 weeks ago, but the iTunes listing for the C-Realm LibSyn feed remains up on iTunes. I have no idea how to get rid of it, and I'm not asking for direction as I have no intention of interacting with iTunes in any way. Eventually, I hope, that decoy iTunes listing will go away, and when it does, I want to keep a record of the kind words that C-Realm listeners posted there. Thank you all.

Open your mind
by Great White Mudshark

If you have an open mind that wants to learn then this is the podcast for you. 

KMO presents a wide variety of ideas from his guests. Topics are thoroughly discussed to give the listener a deeper appreciation for the subject. Always interesting and informative topics which are critical in assessing our modern world. This podcast will introduce the listener to many other sources of information but is highly addictive so beware. Always a pleasure to listen to, highly recommended.

One of the best
by Alex owner of Ernesto

The C-Realm podcast is easily one of the best available.

The host KMO is an engaging, knowledgeable and skilled interviewer.

The C-Realm is a perfect place to listen to insightful conversations about everything in our lives from the food that we eat to the global economy that are given the space and time to unfold and develop in depth.
A refreshing and necessary break from the lack of thought and the barrage of propaganda that makes up most of our mass media.

There is much to learn from the C-realm and a large archive of past shows.

The C-realm is an example of what is truly wonderful in both podcasting and in the Internet.

Well Worth Subscribing to the C-Realm

KMO is erudite, well-read and he consistently gets interesting guests to have interesting conversations with.

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