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I recently had Keith Preston on the C-Realm Radio show where he made the point that Milo Yiannopoulis promotes a pretty mainstream Republican agenda. According to Keith, Milo's views are not particularly extreme and don't push the rightward boundary or mainstream political opinion on the contemporary American scene at all. His main distinguishing gimmick is that he is flamboyantly gay and makes a big todo of his sexual exploits. He is also deliberately provocative with the language he uses to provoke feminists in his public appearances. But in terms of his actual political opinions, he is pretty vanilla. And yet I hear (and read), time and again, hysterical leftists assert that Milo is a Nazi and that no tactic is off limits when it comes to stopping Nazis.

I am no Trump supporter, and I do take the danger of his authoritarian brinksmanship seriously, but I maintain that talk of fascism is premature and that talk of Nazism is just plain stupid. In a recent post, I described how I am likely to smile and nod and then change the subject when someone refers to Trump supporters as fascists or Nazis around me, but that, in my mind, I judge them harshly. One reader, who is a regular listener to the C-Realm Podcast, scolded me, writing, "...to think negative thoughts towards people who have these fears... is just wrong. Very wrong."

I responded that his focus on my thinking being wrong is symptomatic of the problem with a considerable fraction of the so-called left in this country. My sin, in his view, is thinking "negative thoughts" about people who use irresponsible, hyperbolic, and alarmist language. I don't assault them or attempt to limit where they go, who they meet with or what they do. I don't even say rude things to them. I make silent, private judgments about them. And that, according to my critic, is just wrong.

I cannot violate someone else's rights with my thoughts. Or, going the other way, nobody has any right to dictate what I think. The legitimate limitations that my government, my culture, and my community can place on me only apply to my actions and, in rare and extreme circumstances, to my speech. To demand that I conform my thoughts to some ideal standard is to endorse totalitarianism. That's the difference between authoritarianism and totalitarianism. An authoritarian leader won't hesitate to use deadly force should you do or say something to threaten his power, but otherwise, your thoughts remain your own affair. A totalitarian regime is not content with controlling the actions and speech of its subjects. It demands total subservience in action, word AND thought.

I know that I will have to repeat this idea ad nauseum, and, hopefully, I will find a better way to convey it. The language I've used here makes sense to me, but I am under no illusion that what I've written will satisfy my critic or people who think as he does. I could call them Maoists, but I don't know that the example would communicate very clearly. The Cultural Revolution is ancient history to someone born in the 1990s or later. What's worse, calling a keyboard crusader for social justice a Maoist is the same sort of nuance-flattening hyperbole as calling Milo Yiannopoulis a Nazi. I'll have to do better than that, if only for the sake of my self-respect.



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Feb. 14th, 2017 02:29 pm (UTC)
Case in point
A Facebook friend, who sometimes represents the thought police left on the Friends of the C-Realm Group, posted the following to his own FB page:

So it finally happened: I was banned from my beloved Anarcho Communism group. With a ton of really good and intelligent people in it, that place is truly great, full of quality content. But there is also a strand of liberal social justice fundamentalism that is poisoning it. A perfect example is what happened yesterday:

About the recent death of the KKK leader, i joked: "Maybe he did DNA test, found out he was jewish, and killed himself".

And one of these petty liberal SJ fundamentalists reprimands me in a condescending tone: "Suicide jokes are offensive. You better feel bad about it."

After another few exchanges in which he called me a "manarchist" and "brocialist", I kinda lost it. I should have kept my cool, but this is a guy who ONLY does this, comb the group for perceived infractions, and police language while talking down to perceived offenders of id pol dogma. I have seen him do this repeatedly, regularly, and have never seen him contribute any content of substance, in fact any content at all.

In another thread yesterday someone had told me that my use of the phrase "disease of the mind" is offensive to people struggling with mental health, and I immediately apologized and changed it to "cultural disease", not only in that group, but also in the same post on my personal wall. It was no big deal. But the authoritative and condescending tone with which this other guy told me to "better feel bad about it." blew a fuse in me, also because he had been annoying me for quite some time with his incessant pettiness.

His self assigned purpose in life is to wear SJW like a police badge, use social justice dogma as his personal night stick to beat other leftists with, under banners such as "protecting comrades who might be suicidal."

These sanctimonious leftist bureaucrats rigidly adhering to PC doctrine are always white (this one is from Sweden). They use identity politics as another weapon of privilege, as an instrument for self aggrandizement. They are no different than those who work at government desks, using the little power they have to make life more shitty for others, because it boosts their holier-than-thou egos.

i do have an anger problem at times, and I should not have lost it. I should not have called him a "shit cop" or to "stick his baton up his ass", but these assholes get on my fucking nerves lol

And as soon as i told him to "fuck off", the others like him pile on: "Leo you are an ignorant sexist and racist who routinely act horribly. You better check your privilege and self crit"

I don't blame the admins for banning me, as i was indeed flying off the handle. But this sort of petty fundamentalism is indeed what is tearing the left apart. They treat me like this, imagine how they treat less educated lower class people who are interested in leftism, but use politically incorrect language from time to time?

I am 100% dedicated to Social Justice, to Identity Politics, to intersectionality. I am a proud Social Justice Warrior. I stand with the oppressed everywhere, with women, with people of color, with LGBT. What I am against is this liberal left fundamentalism.

Exactly reminds me of the horrific stories i heard as a child about 1960s Cultural Revolution, in which people were humiliated and tortured for having a vinyl recording of Mozart, because it was "imperialist culture". Same exact fanatical piousness.

This is the exclusionary aspect of liberal id pol that is destroying solidarity.
Feb. 15th, 2017 06:09 am (UTC)
I also need to find a coherent way to refute this type of bs that people understand. My usual mo is like yours - Though I don't smile or nod. I'm certainly not going to go out of my way to call people out or change their mind. But when asked for my opinion, I'd like to get something more than a blank stare after giving it.

A handful of people at an office happy hour were talking trump, and i was conspicuously silent. Someone finally asked me to weigh in and I tossed out a couple basic things, such as how yiannopoulos is nothing more than a bizarro sjw (my way of dismissing him as irrelevant, because sjws are also irrelevant), that I was unhappy with the outcome of the election but satisfied to see the smug left elite get sand kicked in their face on election day, and that there is a historical precedent for things like this happening when an entire class if people is systematically run over by the progress bus year after year.

Crickets. Apparently none if them had heard that in their filter bubble before.

So the question I'm asking myself is, how could I have said that so people got it?
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