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Advice to self

Start in the middle, loop back to the beginning, when you reach the middle you already wrote, scrap it and keep going from the beginning you looped back to. Write clean through to the end and then pour gasoline over the whole mess and make it sacred.

When the creativity really feels like it's flowing, you're most likely fooling yourself. Let it flow. Keep writing (or whatever) but know that it probably won't be any better than the stuff you had to force out 'cause you just weren't feeling it that day. Writing is writing, and the work is the work, and the best thing you ever write, if you're lucky, is still out there in the future. How shitty to know that you've climaxed and you'll just be aping your own style from here on out, or worse yet, trying to emulate the style of the people you inspired.

Get fit. Physically fit, as in push-ups and sit-ups and burpees and all the new exercises that look girly until you try them. Why? What does it have to do with writing, or doing whatever creative work it is you'd like to be known for? Why? Because ill health is a distraction, and if you get famous, you're going to see a lot of pictures of yourself, and the the fewer chins you have in those photos the better.

Humility is the key to something, or so I'm told. Pride cometh before a fall, but doesn't it seem like the world is full of assholes who just breeze through to success on nothing but good looks, self-confidence and a refusal to recognize what undeserving hacks they are? Admit it, you'd be willing to step into their shoes. You might have self-respect, but they have something that substitutes for self-respect. Maybe it's external validation. Maybe it's money.

Don't listen to advice from people who haven't achieved what you hope to achieve. Their motivation is suspect. If they knew how to get where you want to go, wouldn't they have done it by now? Careful, though, not to blow off the advice of people who made it and then lost it. They might know how to keep from losing it again if they could get back up to speed a second time.

Satiety is for losers. Learning to be satisfied with what you have is the justification for giving less effort than you knew you could; less than you promised yourself you would. You've left a mess for your future self, but don't divorce your past self. You remember his good times, and his pains are just abstractions to you now. The pains that are real are yours, not his.

On the other hand, if you can't enjoy what you have achieved thus far, your chances of enjoying whatever you might achieve in the future are dim. Don't be dim.

Just do the fucking work. The weed and the TV and the gamified distractions will be there when your work is done, and you'll enjoy them more if you actually earn your rest. Once you're rested, any additional rest is just sloth, weighing you down, making you slow.



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Feb. 21st, 2017 06:28 pm (UTC)
good advice. :) especially the "dont listen to advice" part. i think constantly about the bad advice i followed in my youth. "youll never make any money doing that". that was always what people said about my passion for music and art. "just get a job and make sure you can make some money, then try and do what you want." this is entirely ass backward. gaining skill in the arts that can be traded for money takes years of unpaid hard work. the best time to put in those years is when youre young and can still lean on others for support. so where am i now? slaving at some stupid job and desperately budgeting my few hours of spare time to gain creative skill. and frankly, getting nowhere fast.
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