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Oh Wow, It’s Friday Again

Another week gone. Provided I complete a comic and get it posted before I go to bed tomorrow morning, I will have completed a full week’s productive work, at least in terms of keeping up with the comic. For this I give thanks to my past selves for completing your assigned tasks and leaving me in the enviable position of completing the week’s work and turning to non-comic related activities on the weekend with a clear conscience.

I signed up with CafePress.com months ago but have yet to set up my own storefront. On the bright side, my learning of CafePress.com and getting an account set up for Some Guy Named Paul has resulted in a world that now includes Super Rocket Monkey shirts and Giraffes and Elephants are Friends coffee mugs. Now to be seeing this goodness for yourself. I think I can take some measure of satisfaction in the knowledge that I have made the world a better place as a result of my efforts.

Last summer we bought a plastic tub, filled it with water, and set it on the back deck for the benefit of the deer we would sometimes see in our yard. As far as I could tell, the deer didn’t go for it, but the local raccoons sure did. We soon had many regular visitors, including the raccoon we had seen care for a brood of four babies last summer. We call her Mama, and we can easily identify her by her torn lip.

Many months ago, I looked out the bedroom window early one morning and saw a burly raccoon sniffing around on our back deck. He looked up to show me that he had recently lost an eye. I called a wild life rehabilitation outfit to ask if I could do anything for the raccoon, but they told me just to look after his nutrition. We cut up some fruit and left it out on the deck for him.

That started the practice of leaving scraps out for the raccoons. I’m not sure when or how we moved up to buying cheap dry cat food (Deli-cat) for them, but soon our regulars, particularly Mama raccoon and another we came to call Toby (because of a hugely swollen—probably broken—toe) ignored the scraps in the bowl and waited at the back door in hopes that someone would come along and take pity on them and dish out some of what they really came for; the cat food.

Since Mama chased off her babies, Toby remains the only raccoon with whom she has seemed at all tolerant or sociable. They both showed up in time to witness Logan’s birth. Mama shows far less caution about humans than do any of the other raccoons. She would even take bits of cracker from my hand. Not a good idea to get raccoons so habituated to humans, I know. We have long since stopped feeding all the raccoons except Mama, and she polished off the remaining Deli-cat a day or so ago. We don’t plan restock.

A couple of days ago, Jack, the one-eyed raccoon showed up while Mama hovered at our back door. She growled at Jack and wouldn’t let him approach the deck, much less the food bowl. I threw handfuls of cat food up the small hill to him, but when he started to pick them up, Mama bolted up the path to Jack and launched herself into him. They tumbled down the hill and disappeared, a growling, snarling, ball of fur, under our deck. The sounds of combat continued until I banged on the boards with the cat food container and yelled at the combatants, at which time they stopped fighting and Jack retreated up the big tree at the top of the little hill.

Life seems tough for Jack. The day I first saw him, I described him as a round fat waddler. When Mama chased him away the other day, he looked much thinner. I suspect that Jack lost his eye in a fight with another raccoon. Were he to lose his remaining eye, he would not survive. I don't like to think about what we would have witnessed had Mama succeeded in blinding Jack.

A final wildlife moment: I was sitting on the front deck, giving Acacia her buspirone pill, when a coyote came trotting into view from the backside of our house. He looked at me and froze. For a few seconds, the coyote and I sat motionless, staring at each other. Then he broke eye contact, turned, and headed out through the archway of cedars that marks the entrance to our driveway, and out of site.

Lara, Logan, and I drove up to Port Townsend today. We bought birdseed and plants, we got some film (my digital camera is having trouble) developed so we could send pictures of Logan to his grandmothers and great grandmothers. I had also thought about stopping by a coffee shop there to see if LiveJournal user, Gael, would be working, but we got a late start and I got a call from my friend, Bill, in Tucson. He and his wife had a baby boy just two weeks before Logan came into the world. Their son, Quinn Sol Roh, and Logan may end up as life-long friends. I hope so. Anyway, chatting with Bill ate up any time I might have spent at the coffee shop.

I love my cell phone. Like so many people, I find some cell phone behavior, annoying, abrasive, and even rude (like when I’m walking down the street with a friend and they whip out their phone to check their voicemail), but at the same time, I love having a phone in the car; a phone I can keep in my backpack.

I’m starting to hate our home phone. We don’t have voicemail out here in Port Ludlow, and we keep our one phone line tied up with the computer almost all day, but within minutes of freeing up the line, the calls from the phone solicitors start. Credit card companies pushing life insurance, the local newspaper calling for the 10th time to offer us the weekday paper free if we subscribe to the Sunday paper. These days, when we put Logan down for a nap, we check to make sure we’re on-line so the phone won’t ring.

Well, to end on a positive note, a net friend from South Africa wrote to me today to tell me how much he is enjoying my daily comics. He went on to write:

Because I feel like a bit of a plagiarist, I just need to tell you that C-realm comix has become THE major inspiration in the evolution of an appropriate UI for what I've been scheming for the past 5-years. Attached is a graphic of where I'm starting to head, with most of the current wurk going into constructing a framework, and a framework development methodology. I've got some good people helping out and am hoping to eventually create a kind of java-based frame-maker SDK. Would discussing this kind of thing be of interest to you? A goal is to try create another little small team Ferretsoft and do this as a kind of shareware where a few hundred sales per months keep the home fires burning very nicely.

Yeowza! I’d love to work with tech folks on a comics interface inspired by my own comics. Heck, yeah! I love the Internet and the age in which we live.


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May. 12th, 2001 01:56 am (UTC)
Stray critters...:) You got to love them. It is nice to see racoons alive and on their feet. All I see here is roadkill. I know. Not very pleasant. Especially when the roadkill is a skunk.

I recently posted past pictures of some stray pussies at
http://www.livejournal.com/users/venusflytrap/day/2001/05/11 . Never underestimate the reproductive zeal of cats. It began with one cat and soon we had 12 cats waiting patiently in our backyard for their lunch.

After the first month I was buying 3 cases of wet cat food every week. Wet food may be messy, but the alternative is dry food and LOTS of water. Soon it became a logistics problem to maintain watering holes for the entire tribe. And oh...did I mention that wet food STINKS? It stinks really really bad.

These cats didnt have a home or furry squeaky toys. Their catnip was the grass and they sure did love to chase butterflies. I dont think I can ever have a cat as a pet again. Suddenly it seems so cruel to keep them confined and sterile.

I miss them. I miss their purring consonance. I miss rubbing behind their ears and then their tummies. I miss being accosted by my feline gamins on beautiful sunny california days. I miss the whole bunch of them rubbing against my legs all at once, begging shamelessly for food. sigh. I hope someone is taking care of them now. I hope they are well.

Wow! now that was a session! Anyway, it was nice to see your wildlife and critters. Have a good week.
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