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TOTD 12 Mar 2002

While reason (and her sister, science) has provided the bulk of the population of first world countries with more benefits than anyone could have imagined 100 years ago, it seems to me that reason and science have not had worse reputations since the dark ages. I don't know why this should be other than the ongoing assaults of religious figures on reason and the lack of interest in defending reason from "meaningless" attacks by the few people who might be competent to do so.

-Carl Wagner (AKA "the Hermit")

The main problem I have with statements like these is that they remind me a great deal of a nerdy-looking geek-boy crying, "I'm so smart, I don't understand why the girls aren't attracted to me!"

Only in cases like this, the nerd-boy goes on to decide--somewhere in his spare time between going to Star Trek conventions or playing D&D--that it obviously _must be_ a conspiracy of the "beautiful people" to keep smart folks like him from getting dates. And so he devotes himself to bringing down all the popular kids, rather than spend his time trying to make himself more appealing to the opposite sex.

-The Reverend Professor Tim Rhodes


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Mar. 13th, 2002 09:23 am (UTC)
so... im tryin to work this out here.

science is not getting dates cause religion has got all the chicks?

seems to me that its just cause "the chicks" like to get results. (the truth of the following statement aside,) religion promises all the answers, while science, even at it's most advanced, simply poses more questions.

while true believers know that all the real answers can only be had with a $20 donation to steffan ziegler.
Mar. 13th, 2002 11:31 am (UTC)
Gettin' the Chicks
Hey Steffan,

Your observations remind me of an experience I had with popular science author, Richard Dawkins. I posted the following to the Church of the Virus discussion list in February of 1999:

Richard [Brodie] and I went to see Dawkins give a reading at the University of Washington bookstore last year. I asked Professor Dawkins how he thought scientific models could ever out-compete pseudo-scientific and superstitious ones. His answer made me think that he'd never heard of memes. He said that astrology, numerology, palmistry and their ilk would lose out to a scientific model because they don't "work."

Huh? As memes, they work great. We all wear blinders of one sort or another, but Dawkins seemed (at least on that occassion) to be wearing a box over his head into which one small pinhole had been cut. The image of the world he gets through the pinhole is very clear and sharply focused, and he gets around quite well with that box on his head, but he certainly seemed to be missing A LOT of things that I would think would be quite relavant to his goals.

Yes, scientists and engineers provide us with material comfort and power unknown to humans in any previous historical period. We take these things for granted when we shouldn't (I recommend a trip to Peru for anyone who fails to give daily thanks for flush toilets and potable water on tap), but it's important for boosters of the acheivements of our collective left-hemisphere to remember that while PCs, cell phones, and Tivo digital video recorders have empowered people, these things have not made them any happier on the whole. People are still afraid of death, humiliation, and rejection.

Knowing the age of the universe or the biological origin of organic life on Earth won't keep teenage girls from worrying about their looks. The fact that a McDonald's cash register contains micro-processors that would shame the "super-computers" of decades past doesn't give the person running that register any particular dignity or sense of satisfaction. She's still working at McDonald's; a job synonimous with "looser" in our 21st Century, status-minded, monkey brains.

Mar. 13th, 2002 11:34 am (UTC)
I made Richard Brodie's name a hyper-link, but I left the URL our of the HTML tag. You can find his website here.
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