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I sent the following message to the Frederick Mann's Financial Independence mailing list, where I first learned about Money Cube. Not only did my message not get posted to the list, but I seem to have been unsubscribed and banned.

Here's what I wrote:


Greetings, fellow seekers of financial independence,

I'd like to solicit your opinions on the Money Cube program. I did sign up, mainly because of Mr. Mann's enthusiastic recommendation and the low cost of entry, but I definitely have some reservations about it, viz. I don't see anything to differentiate Money Cube from your garden variety pyramid scheme. The "service" that Money Cube provides, the entry in their advertising directory, seems utterly perfunctory to me. The main focus seems to lie in creating a downline and profiting from the up-front fee that later entrants pay to enter the program, which seems to mark the program as a ponzi scheme.

Pyramid schemes remain viable only so long as new members continue to infuse the structure with new money by joining at the bottom level. All such schemes eventually reach a saturation point where too few new members continue to join, and given that the number of people invested in the scheme increases exponentially as you move from the top of the pyramid to the bottom, when the system does peter out the majority of people involved in the scheme will have failed to re-coup their initial investment. Therefore, people who understand how such schemes work and enter into them anyway do so hoping that they have entered the program early enough to profit off of the people in their downline who will lose their investment when the scheme inevitably collapses.

Granted, the Money Cube does not depend on individual participants exploiting and despoiling their network of personal relationships in order to build their downline. They CAN just sit back and let the automagic pay-per-click advertising system do all of the pyramid building, but MC also provides banners and hyper-links to encourage personal evangelizing.

Are there people on this list who have purchased a Money Cube who DON'T consider it a pyramid scheme? If so, how do you think Money Cube differs from pyramid schemes?

Have any of you deemed Money Cube a pyramid scheme and bought in anyway? If so, what makes you think that you entered early enough to recoup your investment and profit off of the inevitable losers at the bottom of the pyramid? How do you feel about profiting from the inevitable losses suffered by the people who join in the final iterations of the building of the pyramid?

I look forward to learning how you feel and what you think about this topic.

Thanks and take care.


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