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Kitties Deon Montana

Awhile back, I did a comic in which I announced that my cat, Homeslice, would be going to live with Paul Gude when Clan O'Connor departed for tropical paradise. In fact, a week or so ago, I rented a car and drove both Homeslice and Acacia to Belgrade, Montana to entrust them to the care of my friend, Deon. Deon knew Homeslice back when his name was Yew and never knew him as Homeslice. She's been calling him Yew since I left him at her house. It seems odd. We've called hime Homeslice for two years now, and that's the name by which I think of that cat.

My kitties now live with two very friendly dogs; Rueben, who is a girl, and a Corgie named Winston. Homeslice and Acacia have traded a grasping toddler for two friendly dogs. As yet, they have not given the dogs the chance to demonstrate their good natures.

Deon sent me an email today to report on how the kitties were getting along. She closed her message with:

The Spanish Peaks are indescribably beautiful this morning. I came in early today b/c the week is going to be a crisis week and the sun was just coming up over the Bridgers, it was striking the peaks of the Tobacco Roots and the Spanish Peaks, creating a pinkish orange glow. The sun was shining on Belgrade, but about half way to Bozeman it hadn't crested the Bridgers enough to be hitting the ground yet. Mountains do fabulous things for sunrises and sunsets.

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