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For Venus

Lara and Logan in the Singapore Airport

The place was a marvel of high tech. All the flight info was on state-of-the-art flat panel displays. They had free broadband internet access (which I used to upload a bunch of Thialand pics). They had packs of uniformed teenagers with assault rifles roaming the place.

A happy boy with a boo boo on his eye.

Logan rolled out of bed and whacked his face on the laundry basket. Looks like he's over it, don't you think?

Papa 'n Son

Logan took a moment away from throwing objects over the balcony of our digs at the Harbor Village Serviced Apartments in Fremantle to pose with Papa in his loud Thai shirt.

Old Hat New Hat

Logan LOVES the Berenstain Bears, and great-grandma 'Tricia was happy to oblige.

Happy Boyo

What a smile!


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Dec. 12th, 2002 02:49 am (UTC)

very cute!

I want to pinch his cheeks!
Dec. 12th, 2002 06:54 am (UTC)
thank you! love the boy. i will claim him later. lara looks great, as usual...great-grandma! what a cool concept..:)

i love singapore airport too!! i have spent many hours in the lounge or out and up simply watching the planes take off. if you had stayed for more than three hours at the airport, you could have gone on a singapore bus tour....you dont need a visa for a quick visit and back...so long as you return to the airport in time.... the roads in singapore are amazing tho'...its a beautiful thing to cruise on those streets...i dont remember armed soldiers then.....times have changed indeed...singapore can be anal about their civil laws, but the airport was pretty much safe for visitors who are not aware of the local laws...i suppose 9/11 is the reason for the latest armed patrols in the airport..a pity..spoils the image for me. for the longest time, when air hostesses didnt mind being called that, the doll like SA girls were the model of incredibe cuteness and matchless in their elegance...when compared to the other flying dragonladies...unfortunately, i have also seen passengers abusing their courtesy.... did you take a picture of yourself in front of that huge poster of Kucinta, the love cat of singapore?..:)...i fell absolutely and totally in love with that cat...pussy with an attitude!
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