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It’s 8:06 am and overcast. That makes it a great time to go to the beach. Later in the day, it will get hot, and worse, sunny. The sun seems impossibly intense here. Logan’s great grandmother, ‘Tricia, says that there’s a hole in the ozone layer over Western Australia and that accounts for the intensity of the sun here.

I’m wearing my bathing suit. In the seven or so weeks that we’ve traveled in warm costal parts of the world, it has tasted salt water all of once. That one time was in Chimpon (sp?), Thailand. I spent maybe ten minutes in the water. The whole time, microscopic jellyfish injected me with their venom.

I did swim frequently when we stayed at the insular Swedish resort on Phuket Island. The place was built around an enormous landscaped pool that could have counted as a water theme park. Many of the guests, it seems, never left the grounds of the Jiva resort, and I can understand why. Outside those walls, the streets teemed with non-Swedes. Non-Swedes, who, if one inadvertently made eye contact with them, might assault one’s Swedish sensibilities with a smile.

Don’t think that I have something against Swedes in general. Japanese folks tend to act the same way. They travel abroad, but then stay in Japanese enclaves and avoid contact with any and all gaijin (non-Japanese) other than sex-workers. Even so, I’ve lived in Japan and had some great times with Japanese people there, and I’ve shared adventures with young Japanese people outside of Japan; adventures that never took us anywhere near an insular Japanese enclave. I’m sure (well, not “sure,” but I suspect) that many (well, not “many,” but maybe some) of the adventurous, dreadlocked and tattooed backpackers we saw in Thailand carried Swedish passports and wouldn’t dream of staying in a protective bubble like the Jiva resort. At least not until they were older and could afford it and had little children in tow who show no indication of understanding that things like moving cars, sharp objects, and precipices can do them serious, lasting, harm.


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Dec. 14th, 2002 12:15 am (UTC)
Re: hello
Thank you.

you get some very good use out your camera...:)

My camera and Adobe Photoshop.
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