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Lucky lucky lucky

When we lived in Port Ludlow, the signal to noise ratio in our snail mail got so bad that we basically stopped opening it. We let it pile up in a huge wooden bowl on the table we called “the mail table.” Every couple of months, I would dig through the accumulated envelopes for the obvious bills, which I would then take to my computer and pay on-line.

Here in the Biscuit Factory Apartments, our mail boxes are down in the parking garage, in a part of the garage which I never have any non-mail-collection reason to pass on foot. Nobody knows us here, so the only mail we figure we’ll get will be bills and spam. I don’t check our mailbox here very often.

A couple of days ago, I collected the mail form the garage, separated out personal mail, all directed to Lara, pulled out the obvious bills, and discarded the rest. Here, rather than pay everything online, I take the bills to the post office, where I can pay in cash. The bills have barcodes which the guy at the post office scans to record the payment and notify the payee, so the payment gets processed at electronic, rather than postal, dispatch. The post office conveniently shares residency in a nearby shopping center with our usual grocery store and an ATM. Not quite as handy as on-line banking with a broadband connection, but better than writing checks and stuffing them into envelopes.

Anyway, Once I’d culled the personal items and obvious bills from the bulk of the mail that had accumulated in our commodious mailbox I stuffed the rest into a sideboard drawer with the vague intention of glancing at it eventually.

Yesterday, Logan opened that drawer, pulled out an envelope… one of many… this one from the real estate management company that serves as our landlord, ripped it open, pulled out the single folded sheet of paper that accounted for the envelope’s entire contents, which he then surrendered to me. It was a notification, dated 15 January, of an inspection of our unit scheduled for 28 January, i.e. this coming Tuesday. That inspection could have played out embarrassingly had it occurred seemingly unannounced.

Thank you, Logan, for bringing that to our attention. Thank you very much.


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Jan. 25th, 2003 08:11 pm (UTC)
Now what do they mean by "inspection"? It sounds vaguely Orwellian.
Jan. 26th, 2003 03:58 am (UTC)
lol..that was my exact thought too...

btw, laymangraham...i found it interesting that your icon has 'tat tvam asi'...kermit and then dubya?...@-@...!!!

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