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No Way!

A friend of mine in the US wrote to me and mentioned:

(BTW- CNN reported this morning that the Aussies are behind invasion of Iraq. I'll have to check this out, but how do they benefit from this plan?)

To which I replied, "Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, supports Bush's invasion mania. He dispatched Aussie troops to the Gulf while the Aussie legislature was in recess. Said legistature voiced outrage at having been cut from the policy-making process. Seemingly, the owners of the Aussie corporate media oppose Australian involvement in any US-led military adventure in Iraq that does not bear the UN seal of approval. According to the TV and radio here, everybody in Australia EXCEPT John Howard opposes sending troops to the Gulf in advance of a UN resolution, and most of the non-governmental types whose voices get any play in the media oppose war in Iraq all together. I've heard time and again here that Howard is a traitor, in Bush's pocket, and utterly out of step with the will of the Australian people and most of the rest of the Australian government."

My friend isn't a die-hard news hound or policy wonk, so let me solicit a second opinion or two. Calling all newshounds. Is the US media really portraying Australia as supporting a non-UN-approved invasion of Iraq? Do US news outlets include in their "reporting" of the Aussie military deployment that the PM circumvented the rest of the government to get the troops dispatched or that Australians, when asked/polled, say they prefer peace and do not support the invasion of Iraq? If not, then their "reporting" rises only to the level establishment-serving simulation.


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Jan. 28th, 2003 07:11 pm (UTC)
There hasn't been much coverage of Aussie support of the invasion other than to say how many troops the Aussies are willing to send. Compared to the Brits they sound like pretty minor players. I haven't heard anything at all about political scandal surrounding the deployment of troops.

Governments all over the world suck! Makes me want to join or start an underground.
Jan. 29th, 2003 12:01 am (UTC)
I have heard and seen several news articles about australia's involvement and support to Bush's war. I did not keep track of the origins of these media reports..but a large number of the articles questioned the wisdom of australia giving its support and many of them were confounded by australia's decision to jump into the war despite a lack of surging support of her citizens...but then again, these are links from anti war sites...now, that you mention it, i do recall american print magazines showing a young australian man waving goodbye to his wife and child and another photo of a woman waving as she sails away..very 'heroic' portrayal of our allies....very warm and fuzzy...in such a way that it comforts the average american in the heartland who is all gung-ho about (to quote a friend) "bush's cowboy antics" while being scared at the same time..
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