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Fortnight in Review

Observations and reports concerning the last two weeks as they occur to me:

Lara's mom came to visit. She stayed a week and left two days ago.

My mom arrived today. Both moms have recently graduated to grandma status, and they came to see Logan.

Logan turned 6 months old on Friday. My mother claims I spoke my first word, "kitty cat," a the age of 6 months. Logan babbles, but I don't imagine he's been trying to get any "words" out. Just enjoying his capcity to make noise and create novel sounds.

I have fallen 4 days behind on the comic. I'm not sure if I plan to try to "catch up" or just cut my losses and start fresh for the coming week.

My digital camera remains broken.

Senator Jeffers' defection from the Republican Party amuses me. I have no love for the Democratic Party, but I do love to see Boy George humiliated. He doesn't need any help in that department though. Every time he opens his mouth he does a fine job of humiliating himself and his party. Either he's reading haltingly from a teleprompter and mispronouncing words you know someone patiently coached him on, or he's speaking spontaneously and gracing us with innovative new turns of phrase and demonstrating his utter lack of comprehension of his own party's platform. I'm really starting to love this guy.

We took Logan to the doctor yesterday. We thought he might have ring worm, but the doctor took a sample of the affected skin and didn't find any indication of ringworm (which is actually a fungus and not a worm at all).

Bubba has resumed peeing on the stairs. :(

I read the first issue of Grant Morrison's X-Men. 'Sokay, but it hasn't grabbed me like The Invisibles did.

Lara and I watched the X-Men movie with her mom a few days ago. We may watch it again with my mom within the next couple of days. We also rented the first Farscape DVD again so we could watch it with my mom.

I finished The Futuroligical Congress by Stanislaw Lem. I spent nearly a year reading it, even though I could have finished it in a couple of days. I do that.

I also started reading The Alphabet Versus the Goddess which I bought a year or more ago and put on the shelf. I was reading along, thinking that I was reading it for the first time when I came across a highlighted passage and realized that I'd read at least the first few chapters before. Leonard Shlain, the author, contends that writing, alphabetic writing in particular, changed the way our brains worked and triggered the shift from Old European partnership societies to the familiar dominator model. He criticizes the Gimbatus "Kurgen Wave" theory which Riane Eisler accepts as gospel. I like Eisler's work, so it prompted a re-evaluation of some ideas that seemed pretty solid and workable to me. Can't get complacent.

I posted a comment on this topic to Suki_Blue's LiveJournal. Check it out.

Time is running out for me to write something for the Reverend Professor Tim's new erotic literature contest. I play to enter the contest with a non-fiction account of how Lara and I continue to scratch the itch even though we can't do the old in/out.

Well, it's getting light. I should try to get a little rest before Logan wakes up.

Too late.

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