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Back in the game

Written earlier today:

I have a new notebook computer, and with it, I once again have internet access from home. Over the last few weeks I have spent no more than an hour in front of a computer on any given day, and most of my days passed entirely computer-free. I feel different after my electronic fast; calmer.

I don’t know how much of my state of mind to attribute to living mostly computer-free, and how much to attribute to my yoga practice and generally cleaner living, but now, after just a couple of hours spent cleaning up my Hotmail inbox and poking around on-line, I have a slight headache.

While off-line, I read books. I wrote, longhand, in my journal. My days seemed longer, like I have more hours to fill. After breaking a social contact, the moment that comes ten minutes prior to half-past four each afternoon passes uncommemorated. This too, I suspect, contributes to my sense of having more hours to fill.

I have access to the Web now, but what I don’t have is the data from my old hard-drive. I should learn tomorrow whether that wealth can be restored to me or whether it is gone for good.

Also lacking from this spiffy new Toshiba notebook machine is Adobe Photoshop. A computer without Photoshop, for me, amounts to just half a computer. If the data recovery specialist succeeds in resurrecting my dead hard drive, I will have Photoshop back. If not… Well, a new copy would cost half as much as this flashy new machine, and my Photoshop disks reside in storage in Seattle. They couldn’t get much further away from my present location without leaving the Earth’s surface. I could pick up a cheap pirate copy in Bangkok, but I won’t arrive there again for at least a month, possibly longer. Also, while I don’t generally agonize of the moral and ethical issues surrounding software copyright issues, I do like to have a totally above board licensed copy of this particular program. I use it so often and so extensively that should I have to uninstall it for any reason, it leaves my computer half-broken.

In other news, I hear there’s a war on. By conscious decision, I limit my intake of war news to just a few minutes a day. That means that I don’t listen to the radio at all. While driving, I usually have a tape of Australian bird calls playing. Lara bought the tape at the tourist information center in Walpole, WA, and we’ve certainly had our money’s worth from it. What little I do hear about the war seems very repetitive and low-content.

Speaking of clean living, Lara has just returned with chips, beer and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) videos.


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