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Hold on

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Myths Over Miami

Captured on South Beach, Satan later escaped. His demons and the horrible Bloody Mary are now killing people. God has fled. Avenging angels hide out in the Everglades. And other tales from children in Dade's homeless shelters.

Read the article.


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(Deleted comment)
May. 8th, 2003 05:41 pm (UTC)
Good Witch tinted Blue
This article is one of the most beautifully painful things I've ever read.

Yeah. I think it will stay with me for a long time.
May. 8th, 2003 05:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Good Witch tinted Blue
Sorry about that -- I must have deleted my comment (and reposted it), as you were posting your reply.
May. 8th, 2003 05:54 pm (UTC)
Re: Good Witch tinted Blue
It's all good.

I've been searching for an image of Lena Horne as Glinda. Nuthin' yet.
May. 8th, 2003 06:57 pm (UTC)
It's not a fondly remembered movie.
For many reasons, it's generally regarded as a cinematic train-wreck. Hence, not many pictures that are easily findable. Indeed, I had to scan the CD insert of the soundtrack just for this:

... and my scanner is generally much kinder, but the photo wasn't that great. I'm pretty sure that I don't have a copy of the film on-hand, or any quick way to do a screen capture. However, if you're willing to figure out a way to do it from Real's format, there is a trailer online that gives two shots of Glinda:


It's dark and crappy, but it's there (one at the beginning of her sending Dorothy to Oz, and a full-shot of her at the end).
May. 15th, 2003 06:56 am (UTC)
Re: It's not a fondly remembered movie.

That's a pretty scary image. Perhaps in the context of other Ozesque images from the film, this one wouldn't read so much like a banshee belting out her lament to me, but in the context of La Llorona and the Blue Lady, this image gives me the willies.
May. 15th, 2003 08:09 pm (UTC)
It's a very unfortunate photo.
It's odd, the author states that the little girl starts out the song hesitantly and then picks up at the end. Well, hell -- anyone who's heard the movie version knows that it starts out softly and then Horne really gets into even, even crying out "Whooo!" at one point. Chances are, that half-snarl on her face is from where she's getting really emphatic about everyone's emotional baggage. :)
May. 8th, 2003 05:21 pm (UTC)
While fighting not to cry ...
... and, may I add, failing, I read the song that Maria said the Blue Lady taught her:
"If you believe within your heart you'll know/that no one can change the path that you must go./ Believe what you feel and you'll know you're right because/when love finally comes around, you can say it's yours./ Believe you can change what you see!/ Believe you can act, not just feel!/You have a brain!/You have a heart!/You have the courage to last your life!/Please believe in yourself as I believe in you!"
I had to do a sanity check, but I recongized the source. It was sung by Glenda the Good Witch from Charlie Smalls' The Wiz:


It's called "Believe in Yourself" and was sung by Lena Horne in the movie adaptation. It's the song she sings right before she sends Dorothy back to her nice, safe home. Here's the really funky part: in the movie, Gelnda (played by the racially mixed-looking Lena Horne) is dressed in BLUE and is surrounded by babies in star costumes. I sent a comment to the newspaper / author in case they'd be interested in adding this to their urban-legend puzzle.

But back to crying: this article is one of the most beautifully painful things I've ever read.
May. 8th, 2003 06:40 pm (UTC)
Snopes has a section on Bloody Mary.

It still doesn't keep me from wondering what the kids know that they still aren't telling.
May. 8th, 2003 06:57 pm (UTC)
Blue Lady
Here's a bit about a Blue Lady.
May. 8th, 2003 10:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Blue Lady
Silence is screaming
I'll bat an eye and cast my spell
Devils are dreaming of a Blue Angel.

-Squirrel Nut Zippers "Blue Angel"

For some reason, after reading that article, I haven't been able to think of much else.

More stuff on blue people here.

We've also got the Blue Fairy, who fulfilled a similar role for Pinocchio.

I will also say that when I was a child I had a lot of nightmares and dreaded going to sleep. Being brought up Lutheran but having a very active imagination and a steady diet of fantasy novels, I made a sort of Tupla for myself based losely on my fractured belief system. My protector was an angel in female form who protected me from monsters, demons, and the like. Her entire body gave of bright light, so that her skin shone in the dark. This light happened to be blue.

This makes me think it's possible that the "Blue Lady" is a common archetype.

On a side note, the idea that Bloody Mary can take over the people that you love and trust makes complete sense if the children responsible for it's genesis have been betrayed often by family members and authority figures.

The idea the article reports in its last chapter, that Bloody Mary is a twisted form of the Virgin Mary who has succeeded in killing God, is a very dark and yet understandable conclusion if a child continues with this logic.

Florida is producing tiny Nick Caves.
May. 8th, 2003 11:18 pm (UTC)
If you haven't seen this already, check it out.

I'm very very bemused.

I think that it may be an effort by mass media to weaken Bloody Mary, just like the movie MIB did to those pesky UFO enforcers a while back.
May. 9th, 2003 09:06 pm (UTC)
first... i recommend you check this out, if you don't already know about it: http://www.lallorona.com/ very cool.

also...you know that clive barker has the rights to make a movie based on this? it was suppoed to have been made and released years ago. hasn't been, that i know of, but i didn't go and check right now.

eep. having a little trouble posting coherently. when i first read the "myths over miami" article a few years back, it started a whole chain reaction in my head...it's sort of re-activated now.
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