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The C-Realm Radiant Sun

C stands for "consciousness."

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20 April 1968
KMO is the host of the C-Realm Podcast. C stands for "consciousness."


prester_scott:kmo wants to steal your precious bodily fluids.

midnightglobe:kmo has turned me into a trend.

midnightglobe:kmo is an excellent protege.

carocrow:kmo runs a shadow government in his spare time, and has a tidy income from selling tinfoil beanies on eBay.

weev:kmo is exactly the kind of guy whose brain I would want to see controlling inside an unstoppable killing machine.

prester_scott:kmo makes me think about living differently.

david_lucifer:kmo inspires me to live my life consciously.

carocrow:kmo gives me hope for the future of the nuclear family.

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